Furrion Display Monitor Suction Cup Mount (C-FOS07TAPK-016)


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Product Overview

Furrion Display Monitor Suction Cup Attachment (C-FOS07TAPK-016)


  • Compatibility: Attach 5 Inch Furrion Monitor

Product Description

Furrion connects you to a future where sustainability and modern luxury thrive in synergy. We bring together the latest innovations in engineering and design and place them in context with how we set out to experience the world around us. We aim to venture further-but that means nothing if our innovations do not serve the world we yearn to explore. That's why Furrion is dedicated to carbon offsetting and other environmental initiatives to minimize our impact.

Features & Benefits

  • Compatible With Furrion Vision S 4.3 Inch Systems
  • Products Bring Together The Latest Innovations In Engineering And Design
  • Furrion Create Products That Prize Craftsmanship, Versatility And Beautiful Design, From High-End Luxury Appliances To Simple, Seamless Interfaces
  • Industrial Strength And Quality
  • No Supplier Warranty


(No reviews yet) Write a Review